The Number One Thing To Do To Be Successful

For regular readers of my blogging either on here or on the Action Faction website, you would have noticed me mention a couple of times what I consider the number one thing you must do have success in your marketing of your own business or the organisation that your work for.


Consistency, consistency, consistency.

Whatever marketing method you choose, whether it be Letterbox Drops (yes please), TV, Radio, Brand Ambassadors, Bus Stops, CONSISTENCY is key to the your marketing efforts being successful.

With my own business, yes this one, I advertise every day of the year.

I’m continually speaking with people who use an advertising method once and then forget about advertising for the next 3 months. This causes those horrible peaks and troughs of work, it’s hard to staff the times when you’re really busy and worse, it’s hard to suffer the times when you’re really not busy.

If there is one thing I’d like you to do, it is decide on what advertising method you’re going to use, develop a relationship with a supplier of that method and promote yourself EVERYDAY.

Get to it!

Until next time, cheers! Bek.