New Services – Yay!

For those of you who know me (Bek) you’ll know I’m a bit of an IT geekette. I love it, and for the last few years as well as our letterbox drop services I have been offering digital advertising solutions on Google, Facebook and Instagram to many businesses in Australia through our Action Faction brand.

I’ve been tossing up for a while whether to offer these services to our Letterbox Drop customers, but after an amazing trial where we combined a letterbox drop campaign with online advertising to get really strong results Neil and I have decided to offer a range of digital advertising across Google, Facebook and Instagram to you all.

We recommend combining the letterbox drops and the digital in the following way…

Digital advertising works best as an ongoing “always on” campaign, so we recommend clients book one of our digital packages in line with your budget to run all day, every day. Then, once every 2 months we recommend a letterbox drop out to all suburbs within your target demographic. Again we’ve seen some quite strong results with this strategy so it is worth considering.

If you’d like to download our new digital advertising prospectus as well as our updated letterbox drop rates, complete the form below and it will be in your inbox within 30 seconds.