Improve Your Advertising Conversion – Part 2

Geez, it’s been a while since I posted Part 1 hasn’t it!? Apologies for that. Now in Part 2 of my Improving Your Advertising Conversion series I’ll give you some information on the second thing you can do to improve the results you get from your advertising.


It’s quite amazing how often business owners respond to the question “Who’s Your Target Audience” with the answer “Everybody.”

We would all love everybody in the world to be potential customers, but sadly that isn’t going to happen. Only a certain percentage of the population is going to want your product or service and as the provider of that product/service it’s your job to know who that is.

You need to drum down on who exactly is your target audience. The benefit of this is that not only will your advertising costs be cheaper as you’ll stop advertising to everyone, but the results you get from your advertising spend will be stronger.

EXAMPLE: If you’re a school, advertising on the radio or TV is far too broad an audience for it to be cost effective for you. 95% of the people who hear and see your ad won’t be living anywhere near the school and therefore you’re paying to reach people who aren’t in your target audience. Letterbox drops, targeted facebook ads, even the community newspaper will get you better results AND will cost you less too.

EXAMPLE 2: Home maintenance company? Do you really want to travel from McLaren Vale to Gawler to service clients? Probably not, so utilising more local forms of advertising will stop you getting clients from all over the countryside.

Once upon a time I used to work in management for a very large and very well known supermarket brand. At that company we went so far as to create characters of who our target customer was. We created 4 people, gave them names, backstories, families, the whole lot. Then whenever we were making a decision about where to advertise we would ask ourselves “Which one of our customers would this customer reach and does it reach enough quantity of those customers to justify the cost?”

I can recommend this exercise for all businesses.