Improve Your Advertising Conversion – Part 1

Howdy folks!

I get asked on a semi-regular basis what type of response rate to expect from a letterbox drop. It’s kind of a “how long is a piece of string” question.

It’s really difficult to pinpoint what type of conversion rate you will get from your letterbox drop for a number of reasons. The quality of your advertisement, the reputation of your company, the type of letterbox drop you choose, how often you have advertised previously, even what paper you print your flyer on can all affect the results that your drop will get.

In this series of blog posts I’m going to take you through the things that you can do track and improve your response rates.

Let’s start.

A Call To Action

Letterbox drops are traditionally best used with a call to action to get results. Branding advertising is best done elsewhere.

Put a special offer on your flyer. Whether it be the offer to attend a school open day, a free garlic bread with your pizza or a complementary hedge trim with every lawn mow, a strong call to action will get you strong results.

So, how to choose what your offer is? You don’t want to give away the farm with your offer, and we don’t expect that you will be going into debt to give something away for free. You should select something that costs you very little to do or provide but has a high perceived value. Take into account the average lifetime spend of your customers when making a decision on what to offer.

For example a free hedge trim may add 20 minutes extra to the time it takes the garden maintenance business owner per house but may get a new customer on the books who remains a customer for the next 2 years. I’d say that special offer is worth it.

Additionally if you know you make amazing pizzas and want more people to try you, giving away a free garlic bread is a great way to get those people to try them. If they love your pizza they will be back next week, and the following week. The cost of the garlic bread is small compared to the potential lifetime spend of the customer.

I have loads of ideas on potential special call to action offers…I’ll do a separate post on some ideas, but if you would like me to help you come up with a call to action that will work amazingly well for you let’s get together for a marketing session! Give me a call on 0458 133 113.

OH! One last thing. Make sure your call to action has an end date on it – you don’t want to have people redeeming it 3 years later (or maybe you do?)