Get Great Results From Letterbox Drops

Whether you are currently doing regular letterbox drop campaigns or are just considering your first one, there are a number of things that you can do to improve the results you are getting.

1. Do it more than once.
One of the first rules of marketing is repetition, repetition, repetition. Whether your marketing avenue is cold calls, magazines, radio ads, TV commercials or letterbox drops, doing it once is not going to bring you earth crashing amazing results.

Consumers need to be exposed to your message AT LEAST four times to start responding to it. Other marketing experts quote that it takes 9 months of consistent advertising in the same medium to start getting significant results. Persistence is key. Commitment. Touching people regularly is more important than the numbers of people you reach – which means sending out 10,000 flyers to the same customer base each month is more important than sending out 200,000 flyers every 6 months (and is probably a lot cheaper too.)

2. Get a quality flyer design
Amateur graphic design on a flyer screams amateur business. Low resolution pictures, clip art and fuzzy fonts will have your flyer giggled at rather than read.

I know you think you can do your own artwork – you have got Word or Publisher (or even In Design) installed on your computer and you know how to change the font sizes and colour on your page. That does not mean you should be designing your flyer.

Different colours, fonts and layouts print better than others. Do you know what they are? And certain designs remain in a readers mind better. Unless you’ve had graphic design training, leave the design to a graphic designer.

3. Improve your paper quality
Hand in hand with flyer design is the importance of paper quality in what your flyer is printed on. If you are trying to create the impression of a cheap home based business by all means print your flyer on photocopy paper. Actually no, please don’t…photocopy paper just screams “JUNK.”

If you want to be taken seriously as a business and not have your flyer thrown in the bin the second it is received then look at the paper quality you are sending out.

4. Where’s your call to action?
Including a call to action in on your flyer is one of the hallmarks of direct mail advertising – and is critical to include in your letterbox drop if you are hoping for any result at all.

Letterbox drops are the only form of advertising where a special offer is expected. Quite often when we are out delivering flyers we will have people waiting at their letterboxes for their “special offers” to be delivered.

5. Analyse your target market
Just because you live in the area, does not mean that it’s the right place to distribute your flyer. Once we delivered a flyer for a kids martial arts class, to an area predominately inhabited by over 65s. The call to action was based on “protecting your kids.” Needless to say results were poor.

As with any marketing effort, it is important to analyse who you are promoting your business to before placing any advertising. Distributing flyers aimed at young families to an area inhabited by the elderly is like placing an advert for bouncing castles in a medical magazine.

6. It’s all about statistics
Using traditional letterbox drops where flyers are bundled in with rolls and rolls of national retailers catalogues? How many of those newspaper sized rolls of junk mail do you think actually get read? Consider upgrading your letterbox drops to a service where you will be the only flyer delivered and have around 98% of the flyers you put out read by potential customers. More eyes on your flyer = a higher response rate. It’s simple statistics.

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