Event Promotion

What is corflute I hear you ask? Corflute is a temporary signage material perfect for promoting events and businesses on a short term basis.

It’s what you’ll see politicians sticking all over light poles, and what you’ll see event signage printed on. It can be printed in full colour and installed at over 500 different points throughout South Australia.

Our corflute signage printing and installation services can reach over 1 million pairs of eyes from potential customers over a 2 week period. No other advertising method can reach as many people as this for a similar price.

Corflute Printing

We can print corflutes at almost any size or shape. Most event choose a square or rectangle, but we have even provided round ones for the Tour Down Under!

Ask us for a quote on exactly what you need.

Corflute Installation

Our corflute installation rates include installation, supplying cable ties, maintenance and removal of the corflutes at the end of the marketing campaign.

Our pricing ranges from $19 per sign to $30 per sign for installation.


Get your event known in South Australia today. Email our marketing team at bek@adelaidemarketingcentre.com.au or call Bek on 0458 133 113 during office hours for a custom quote and information on exactly how it works.