About Us

Bek and Neil from Adelaide Letterbox Distribution with their children in Disneyland.

Bek and Neil from Adelaide Letterbox Distribution with their children in Disneyland.

Adelaide Letterbox Distribution was established in 2001 under the name of Adelaide Informer and has been providing sales and marketing solutions for both South Australian and national businesses and events for over 15 years now.

In 2001 we started publishing a small share catalogue a couple of times a year, called SA Informer. Over the following 8 years the publication grew and by 2008 the catalogue was being distributed by letterbox distribution to over 200,000 homes in Adelaide every two months.

In 2009 the business started publishing glossy home improvement magazine, Transform Magazine, with a residential letterbox distribution volume of 100,000. It was at this time the high end residential letterbox distribution side of the business was created, when as a trial, Operations Manager Neil, decided to grab 30,000 copies of Transform Magazine and individually deliver them to residences (on a $50 Kmart BMX.) We were astounded at the difference in response that we (and our advertisers) got from those magazines that were individually dropped compared to the magazines that were delivered in the middle of 40 other national retailers catalogues. Gradually businesses throughout Australia found out about our individually dropped letterbox distribution and in 2010 we commenced providing the same exceptional letterbox drops for organisations wanting to get amazing cut through when using letterbox drops.

In 2012 after requests from professional and food manufacturing businesses we commenced offering highly targeted business to business letterbox drops and sample delivery services. We are the only provider of this service in Adelaide.

Additionally we are able to offer SA businesses valuable printing services, event marketing expertise, corflute sign installation across Adelaide and other forms of sales and marketing support. Ask us to come up with a sales and marketing plan for you!

Adelaide Letterbox Distribution is a division of Adelaide Marketing Centre.

Contact the team at Adelaide Letterbox Distribution on 1300 669 654 or email team@adelaideletterboxdistribution.com.au for a discussion on how we can assist you to meet your goals.