4 Ways To Promote Your Local Business

Many of of the advertising methods available to us all are better suited to large businesses that need to target the state as a whole, if not the whole country. So here’s our list of 4 ways to promote your business to a smaller, more local, area.

1. Letterbox drops – the best way to reach a specific local area, have your flyers individually dropped for the best impact.

2. Signage – clear, branded signage out the front of your property attracts locals who are in the area.

3. Locally focused Facebook ads – have your ad targeted to people only living in your chosen suburbs.

4. Getting PR coverage in your local newspaper with an interesting story (a sales pitch in the press release will not work.)

We can help you with all 3 of these methods – contact us on 1300 669 654 if you’d like help with these.

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